Let me count and aggregate the ways

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Data, you had me at hello.

We have been together for so many years. I have countless memories of good, bad and failures. We’ve been to the stars, frolicked in snowflakes and have an amazing normalized relationship that most don’t have the privy to. A lot of other data remain trapped in their silos and don’t see the day of light. We should consider ourselves fortunate.

I keep investing in our relationship. I can’t seem to put my finger on the return but I do know that I need you so badly in my life. You are the electricity, the oil and my water.

Without you…

The answer to this question should always be ‘Yes.’ However the question to always ask is ‘Why?’

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Have you ever found yourself in the following situation?

Your team has been preparing and working tireless hours to create and showcase the end product — an interactive visual dashboard. It’s a culmination of key data points brought to life; the colours, charts, shapes, and interactivity thoughtfully chosen. The real estate on the screen used strategically and content placed appropriately to guide the eyes and thought process. The storytelling to accompany the visuals rehearsed many times.

“Oh, we know too well the power this data visualization holds. …

How Data Scientists can give back

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Imagine all the data…

In John Lennon’s song ‘Imagine’, he sang about a world where there was no hunger, no pain, no greed and where he imagined all the people living life in peace, a brotherhood of man sharing all the world.

Imagine all the data in this world waiting to be analyzed, visualized, imagine the predictions to be made and the algorithms to be developed. Imagine the insightful stories that could be told to raise awareness of societal issues and the impact to humanity by making data driven decisions.

Data is being created and multiplying at an unprecedented rate. According to an IDC…

Vanitha Lucas

Data and analytics philanthropist; striving to make an impact through my words, data visualization, story telling and mentoring. Living in and loving Canada!

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